Ninja Arashi: A Review of the Action-Packed Mobile Game

Ninja Arashi: A Review of the Action-Packed Mobile Game
Ninja Arashi Game
Ninja Arashi Game


Ninja Arashi is a popular mobile game developed by Black Panther. The game is an action-packed platformer that has gained immense popularity due to its simple yet engaging gameplay, challenging levels, and stunning graphics. The game follows the story of a ninja named Arashi, who embarks on a dangerous journey to rescue his son from the clutches of an evil demon. This article will provide an in-depth review of the game, including its gameplay, graphics, and overall experience.


Ninja Arashi’s gameplay is relatively simple but addictive. The game comprises 45 levels, each of which presents unique challenges and obstacles that Arashi must overcome. The game’s controls are intuitive, with a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen that allows players to move Arashi around the level. The right side of the screen contains a virtual button that enables Arashi to jump, slide, and attack.

As the game progresses, Arashi unlocks new abilities, such as a grappling hook that allows him to swing across gaps or a double jump that lets him reach higher platforms. These abilities are essential to completing some of the game’s more challenging levels, such as those with multiple enemies, traps, or moving platforms.

One of the game’s strengths is its level design. Each level is unique and requires a different strategy to complete. Some levels require players to be stealthy, avoiding enemy detection and hiding behind obstacles, while others require players to be aggressive, taking out enemies as quickly as possible. The variety of level designs keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting, and the difficulty gradually increases as players progress through the game.

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Graphics and Sound 

Ninja Arashi’s graphics are stunning, with detailed character models, smooth animations, and vibrant environments. The game’s art style is reminiscent of classic Japanese action games, with a focus on clean lines, bold colours, and stylized character designs. The game’s levels are also well-designed, with attention to detail that makes each environment feel unique and immersive.

The game’s sound effects and music are also top-notch. The sound effects are satisfying, with sharp sword strikes, thudding footsteps, and explosive attacks. The music is also excellent, with a blend of traditional Japanese instruments and modern electronic beats that enhance the game’s action and atmosphere.

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Overall Experience 

Ninja Arashi is a highly enjoyable mobile game that offers a great balance of challenge and fun. The game’s simple controls and intuitive gameplay make it easy to pick up and play, while the variety of level designs keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting. The game’s graphics and sound are also outstanding, with detailed character models, vibrant environments, and immersive sound effects and music.

One of the game’s standout features is its storyline. The game’s plot is engaging and well-crafted, with a focus on character development and emotional storytelling. The game’s cutscenes are also well-animated, with a cinematic quality that enhances the game’s overall experience.

In terms of difficulty, Ninja Arashi strikes a good balance. The game starts relatively easily, allowing players to get a feel for the controls and gameplay mechanics. As players progress through the game, the difficulty gradually increases, with more challenging levels that require precision and strategy to complete. The game’s boss battles are also well-designed, with unique attack patterns and mechanics that make them both challenging and satisfying to overcome.

One potential downside of the game is its length. With only 45 levels, some players may find that the game is too short. However, the game’s replayability is high, with the ability to go back and try to earn three stars on each level, as well as the option to unlock new outfits and upgrades for Arashi.

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Pros And Cons


  1. Simple, intuitive gameplay that is easy to pick up and play.
  2. Variety of level designs that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.
  3. Stunning graphics and sound enhance the game’s atmosphere and immersion.
  4. Engaging storyline with well-animated cutscenes that focus on character development and emotional storytelling.
  5. Challenging boss battles that require strategy and precision to overcome.
  6. High replayability with the ability to earn three stars on each level and unlock new upgrades and outfits for Arashi.
  7. Free to play with the option to purchase in-game currency for upgrades and cosmetic items.


  1. Relatively short with only 45 levels, which may be a downside for some players.
  2. Some players may find the game too easy or repetitive, especially if they are experienced with action platformers.
  3. In-game purchases may be necessary to progress through the game or unlock certain upgrades and cosmetic items.
  4. Controls may feel imprecise at times, leading to frustration and difficulty completing certain levels or challenges.


Overall, Ninja Arashi is a fantastic mobile game that offers a great balance of challenge and fun. The game’s simple controls, engaging storyline, and stunning graphics and sound make it a must-play for fans of action platformers. The game is available for free on both iOS and Android, with the option to purchase in-game currency for upgrades and cosmetic items.

For those looking for a challenging yet enjoyable gaming experience, Ninja Arashi is an excellent choice. The game’s variety of level designs, challenging boss battles, and unlockable upgrades and outfits make it a game that players can enjoy for hours on end. The game’s emphasis on storytelling and character development also sets it apart from other mobile games in the genre.


Q: Is Ninja Arashi available on all platforms? A: Ninja Arashi is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Q: Is Ninja Arashi free to play? A: Yes, Ninja Arashi is free to download and play. However, there are in-game purchases available for players who want to unlock additional upgrades and cosmetic items.

Q: How long does it take to complete Ninja Arashi? A: Ninja Arashi consists of 45 levels that can be completed in a few hours, depending on the player’s skill level.

Q: Are there any multiplayer modes in Ninja Arashi? A: No, Ninja Arashi is a single-player game and does not have any multiplayer modes.

Q: Are there any ads in Ninja Arashi? A: Yes, there are some ads in Ninja Arashi, but they are not intrusive and do not detract from the gameplay experience.

Q: Is there a storyline in Ninja Arashi? A: Yes, Ninja Arashi has a well-developed storyline with animated cutscenes that focus on character development and emotional storytelling.

Q: Can I play Ninja Arashi offline? A: Yes, Ninja Arashi can be played offline without an internet connection.

Q: Are there any cheat codes for Ninja Arashi? A: There are no official cheat codes for Ninja Arashi, but some players may find tips and tricks online to help them progress through the game.

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